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  Guia Leatherworking 1-450

WoW Leatherworking Leveling Guide 1 – 450

First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth – just ask a guard, and learn Leatherworking Enchanting.

  • 20-30 or 1-30
    10 x [Light Armour Kit] – 10 Light LeatherYou can make these from 1-30 too, if you don’t have Ruined Leather Scraps.


65 – 135

Learn Leatherworking Journeyman.


135 – 200

Learn Leatherworking Expert.

  • 165-170
    5 x [Heavy Armour Kit] – 25 Heavy Leather
  • If you are lucky, you will reach 170 while you are making the Cured Heavy Hides and you can skipp this part.

  • 190-210
    20 x [Guardian Gloves] – 80 Heavy Leather, 20 Cured Heavy Hide, 20 Silken Thread


210 – 275

Learn Leatherworking Artisan.


When you reach 225 skill and level 40, you unlock a set of quests. These quests allow you to specialize in various types of armor, which you can make for yourself only. As of patch 2.1.3, you can switch your Leatherworking specialization without losing any skill points and without doing the specialization quest. Here blelow there is the 3 way with each specialization.

Elemantal Leatherworking

The items you create as an Elemantal Leatherworker focus on melee based leather items (agility and attack power).

Dragonscale Leatherworking

This specialisation offers offensive mail items – there are both caster and melee based sets.

Tribal Leatherworking

The Tribal Leatherworking items are all leather items focused on healing.


275 – 350

Go to Outland and learn Leatherworking Master. Click here for the trainer list.

  • 340-350
    14 x [Scaled Draenic Boots] – 168 Knothide Leather, 28 Fel Scales, 42 Rune ThreadThis recipe goes yellow at 345, so you will need to make a few extra ones. I suggest gathering enough materials for 14.


350 – 450

Go to Nothrend and learn Leatherworking Grand Master. Click here for the trainer list.

  • 435-440You might need to make more of these than 5, because the recipes will be yellow.5 x [Frosthide Leg Armor] – 10 Arctic Fur, 10 Nerubian Chitin, 5 Frozen Orb


    5 x [Icescale Leg Armor] – 10 Arctic Fur, 10 Icy Dragonscale, 5 Frozen Orb

  • 440-450
    There is no point in leveling Leatherworking further than 440, you can make every item at 440.
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